New Community Trust South Chair Announced

  • Friday, 1 May 2020

Community Trust South has today announced the appointment of Trish Boyle as the new Chair of Community Trust South.  Trish takes over the Trust’s role of Chair from Penny Simmonds effective from 1 May 2020, Penny’s term as Trustee is due to finish at the end of May 2020. Lindsay Wright will remain as the Deputy Chair.

Penny Simmonds says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Chairperson for the Trust and I am delighted to see Trish in the Chair role as she is going to bring experience, knowledge and understanding to the role and the stability we need both now and for the coming months.”

Trish was appointed as a Trustee in July 2013 and served as Chair in 2014-2016 during which time the Trust developed the strategic plan which underpins the Trusts work today.

“I believe my facilitation, leadership and communication skills as well as my collaborative work in many different teams, my integrity and commitment to local and global communities are evidenced in the work I do for Boards and charitable organisations that I am involved with especially Community Trust South.” says new Chair, Trish Boyle.

The Trust has confirmed that they will be taking a long term view with regards to maintaining granting levels and the Trust has approved a grants budget of $6.5 million for this year, at this point.  The Trust will be working to ensure it can continue to provide community support during this difficult time.  Staff and Trustees will continue to actively engage with organisations in our community so that we can ensure the Trust appropriately targets our funding to provide the best support for our community both now and into the future. 

“There are so many community organisations and communities that are showing such strength and resilience during what is a particularly challenging time.  We are going to continue to work alongside and support these community organisations and communities as we all adapt, innovate and navigate the times ahead”. says new Chair, Trish Boyle.