Community Trust South – Response to Covid-19

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  • Thursday, 28 May 2020

It is acknowledged that these are extraordinary times and while the impact of Covid-19 on our communities is still evolving, we already know that it will be significant. 

 “We have been heartened to see communities pull together and support each other to be innovative and adapt to operate in this challenging new environment” said Trish Boyle, Chair.  

 Covid-19 has also caused an economic crisis and it is predicted there will continue to be investment market volatility over the months ahead.  This is impacting on the Trust’s investment funds.  At this point however, the Trust is able to maintain its $6.5m grants budget for the coming year.  This has provided certainty to the wide range of community organisations we support through multiyear and recurring grants, Regional Sports Organisation funding and our Principals Discretionary Fund.  Some of these 250 organisations have been working on the front line during Covid-19 and our funding has given them much needed flexibility to focus their funding where it is most needed at this time and provided security until the future is clearer.

 In considering an appropriate response to Covid-19, Trustees have reviewed our current Strategic Vision and updated this to concentrate our focus on the most critical priorities in the post Covid-19 environment (visit about us / our strategic vision for more information).  This updated framework will allow the Trust to respond to Covid-19 and to support the ongoing recovery, reactivation and building of resilience across our communities. For the next six months we will be prioritising projects that support the people and communities most impacted by Covid-19,  enhance the capacity and capability of organisations to work in new ways, explore change for good opportunities and assist with communities building back better so they can thrive.

 “We will continue to connect across our communities and with sector stakeholders to understand emerging and evolving needs and will adapt our response where needed to ensure we can continue to make a meaningful difference.  Organisations are encouraged to contact us in the first instance to discuss their situation, that way we can provide guidance and support.”

Jackie Flutey,

General Manager

Community Trust South