31. Norman Jones Foundation: Ann Mackay

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Norman Jones firmly believed in second chance education, and for almost 25 years Community Trust South has partnered with the Norman Jones Foundation to provide grants to people embarking on second chance education.  So far over 1,000 people across the region have benefited.

“Being a ‘mature student’ is a huge financial burden on a family.  I was able to consider broadening my experience and placements as a student midwife rather than staying in my home town just because of money.

I was able to gain experience in both the North and South Island.  This was invaluable to my midwifery experience and gave me a far greater understanding of the challenges that face women throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.  I witnessed situations in the North Island that I had never seen in the South.  It also gave me a wider group of midwives that I learned from. Everyone has different things and ways that they teach you and this helped shaped me into the midwife I am today."

Ann Mackay


Norman Jones Foundation Recipient