Northern Southland Reforestation Trust (Reforest Southland): Lumsden Community Nursery

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Reforest Southland is a reforestation trust and community
nursery, based in Lumsden, that aims to bring native flora
and fauna back to the area while promoting community
growth and ecological education.

Their focus is on growing, replanting and regenerating
areas of native bush, from riparian and marginal planting
to larger reserves and parks, for the benefit of the local
eco-system and the enjoyment of the local community.

The Lumsden Community Nursery is an integral part of
these reforestation projects. Situated in the centre of
Lumsden, the nursery has been designed with community
involvement in mind, to grow the seedlings and plants
required for the Trust’s planting objectives. The nursery is
now fully set up ready to use. The ground was prepared,
fencing put up and weed matting put down over a few
volunteer nursery sessions. Plant beds have been created
and plants have been potted and re-potted with the help
of local volunteers.

The nursery will grow plants that naturally grow in the
region from seeds or plant cuttings ensuring there is no
future conflict with the local ecological environment.
Once grown and ready for replanting, Reforest Southland
holds working bees where local community volunteers
increase native flora and fauna in the region through
their planting projects. “We have run a few planting
sessions near the Lumsden Creek and that is now looking
really lovely. We have had lots of positive comments
regarding our project and get a good turnout to our
nursery sessions and to our planting sessions around the
creek. We have sorted out our next area of planting and
are in discussions with the council regarding how we can
achieve this.” Jeanna Rodgers – Reforest Southland.

The reforestation and revegetation projects, such as
replanting the Lumsden Creek, increase the number of
native plants and trees in the local area, providing habitat
and food for native birds, fish and invertebrates, while
aligning with the government’s local and national plans to
plant 1 billion trees by 2028.

In its first year the Trust aims to grow 10,000 native plants
and trees through the Lumsden Community Nursery, 70%
of which will be donated for community plantings and
30% will be sold to cover running costs of the nursery.
With close links to local schools and support from the
community the nursery aims to bring the community
together in an inclusive ‘green space’ and replanting
projects create spaces where people can enjoy time in
a bio-diverse, natural setting which can have positive
effects on mental health and wellbeing.