Our Guarantees Against Loss

Guarantees Against Loss (GALs) support events by providing security for organisers against not meeting budgeted ticket sales but are not intended to be a form of long-term and/or ongoing funding.

GAL funding is restricted to a maximum of 15-25% of total budgeted ticket sales and the maximum funding for a GAL is $100,000.

Apply: Anytime - but you will need to make your application up to 6 weeks prior to your event

If you have any questions about our GALs ring 0800 500 185 or email dianne@communitytrustsouth.nz

Can you apply?

Non-profit organisations that are a legal entity and operating in our area can apply, including;

  • An incorporated society or an incorporated charitable trust. You can check if you are incorporated at Societies & Trusts 
  • A company with charitable purposes that is registered with Charities Services
  • Entities established under the following Local Government Act 2002, Maori Trust Boards Act 1955 or Education Act 1989

(Registration with Charities Services does not mean your organisation is a legal entity)

The following organisations can't apply:

  • Commercial and for profit organisations
  • Political or advocacy/lobby groups

What if you aren’t a legal entity?

You can apply for up to $2,000 and you will need to have a set of rules, minutes of meetings and have a bank account in your group’s name.

Otherwise you will need to work with a Funding Partner to apply – contact us to talk about your options.  

What we fund

Seeding and establishment of new community events

Providing security against not meeting budgeted ticket sales

What we don't fund

  • Events outside our area unless there is a clear benefit to our community
  • Events that have already commenced or have been completed
  • Events or activities that are primarily being held to fundraise
  • Events that are primarily for private/personal financial benefit
  • Events related to religious instruction, lobbying or education

How to apply

Applications are made online. If you haven’t applied before you need to register by providing your name, organisation and email address as well as creating a password – it  only takes a moment.

Once registered you can log in at any time to start an application or to access it again later, so you can work on it over time.  To help you prepare you can also download the application form so you can see the questions we ask.

Register or apply now

How we assess applications

We carry out an initial review of your application to make sure you can apply.

Our staff then review and assess your application to help trustees to make an informed decision. Often we will contact you to ask further questions about your project or application.

What we look for  

  • a demonstrated broad community benefit
  • a realistic expectation of ticket sales and a realistic overall budget
  • the event is not competing to the detriment of other events in our area
  • the event contributes, in aggregate with other events, to provide a range of experiences for the community

We aim to treat and assess all applications fairly, based on their individual merits, in the context of other grants being considered and funding available.

Our trustees make the final decisions on all applications.

When will you hear back?

$10,000 & Under

It takes up to 6 weeks for a decision. 

$100,000 & Under

It takes up to 8 weeks for a decision.

Types of decisions

  • Approved: a GAL is approved and generally included with the decision are conditions that  need to be met before your GAL can be uplifted
  • Deferred: sometimes we need more information before we can fully consider an application
  • Declined: we will give you a reason as to why your application was not successful

The contact person in your application will receive an email letting them know our decision and if your application is successful, the email will outline the amount approved and any funding conditions. 

Read our Managing Your Funding for more information.