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Our Strategic Aspiration

Ō mātou wawata

A THRIVING SOUTH - Murihiku manawa tōnui

The aspiration for Community Trust South is not ours alone. It is the collective aspiration of communities across our diverse rohe (region). We understand the unique needs of places and communities within our rohe and the need to collaborate and partner, to achieve greater impact together. In doing so we acknowledge mana whenua, ngā Papatipu Rūnaka o Murihiku - Waihopai, Awarua, Hokonui, Ōraka Aparima.

Underpinning all that we do is our commitment to the Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We are committed to working in partnership with iwi, hapū, whānau and Māori communities to support their aspirations.

Our strategic aspiration has a long term ten-year timeframe and it is underpinned by an enduring purpose which is empowering communities to fulfil their aspirations. There is a focus on outcomes, which are the changes we hope to see as a result of our work, as we strive towards our purpose. Please see below for further details about our outcomes.

Our strategic aspiration sets out strategic pou (priorities), which are focus areas in the near and medium term, to ensure we remain focused on delivering real impact in our communities. Please see below for further details about our strategic pou.




This framework will guide how we will fund and the focus of our mahi (work) to support our communities to thrive. To ensure our strategic aspiration remains responsive to changes in our communities over time our strategic pou (priorities) will be reviewed as required during the ten-year strategy timeframe. We have also developed a set of guiding principles which we will use to inform our decision making, actions and funding approaches. These include a focus on equity, working in partnership, being flexible and future focussed and taking a place-based approach. These principles also recognise the need to retain a sustainable Investment based in perpetuity. 

Lastly we commit to listening, learning and improving and so we have developed a monitoring, evaluation and learning framework. This will help us to understand how we are working towards our collective strategic aspiration for a 'Thriving South' and the difference we are making in our communities across the rohe and support our reporting back to our communities.


Our Outcomes - Ō mātou putanga

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Relationships and partnerships with iwi and Māori are strong. Our cultural capability and confidence continues to grow and deepen.

Everyone is thriving

People are healthy and happy; they have access to opportunities, services and quality jobs; they are supported to fulfil their potential.

Connected communities

Our communities are socially connected and resilient. People are actively participating and have strong support networks.

Vibrant spaces and places

People want to live, work and visit the South. People are proud of their unique cultural heritage and Southern identity.

Climate and environment

Our communities are connected to their environment and it is thriving for future generations. Emissions are reducing and the South is a leader in carbon reduction and green technologies.

Sustained investment base

The Community Trust South Fund is protected so that it continues to grow and provide for future generations in perpetuity.

Our Strategic Pou (Pillars)

Strong Foundations - Tūāpapa Torokaha

Enabling the conditions for our communities to thrive.


Working to address the lack of supply and increasing access to quality, warm, dry and affordable homes that meet people's needs at different life stages.

Supporting communities to access a range of low-cost reliable transport options to increase their ability to take advantage of life's opportunities, access necessary services and participate in social activities and community networks.

Learning & Insights
Supporting communities to participate in lifelong learning, with a focus on prioritiy populations (including Māori, Pasifika, migrant, rangatahi (youth), people with a disability, rainbow and older populations). Facilitating access to data and insights, supporting knowledge sharing and collaborative community action. Supporting organisations, institutions and communities to have cultural confidence, knowledge and acceptance.

Mana Motuhake - Self Determination
Supporting mana motuhake and tino rangatiratanga (self determination) through solutions that are led by and for communities.

Economic & Workforce Development 
Contributing to regional strategic priorities to diversify the economy, grow innovation and create opportunities for everyone to thrive economically, in a carbon zero future. Contributing to efforts to develop, attract and retain a skilled workforce in the South. A particular focus will be on priority populations and supporting future pathways for rangatahi (youth) into new future focussed industries and quality jobs with real progression opportunities.

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People & Places - Toitū Te Tangata, Toitū Te Whenua

Supporting people and places which enhance communities so that all people can lead fulfilling lives.


Healthy & happy
Encouraging healthy active lifestyles leads to improved wellbeing and positive community outcomes.

Basic needs are met
Targeted support will be given to priority populations (including Māori, Pasifika, migrant, rangatahi (youth) people with a disability, rainbow and older populations) and places that require additional support to meet basic needs in order to provide an essential foundation in people's lives for them to thrive.

Vibrant spaces & places
Activating spaces and places that bring joy and connection for all people and ages including supporting building community through access to art, heritage, cultural, sport and active recreation programmes and events.

Community connectedness
Supporting social cohesion by building networks and promoting inclusivity. Helping to build volunteer capacity and support communities to be self determining and empowered to co-design solutions.

Whakapapa - Genealogy & cultural identity
Supporting Māori to thrive through strong connections to their cultural ancestry and tangata whenua (local people born of the land). Māori are visible and their identity is woven into the fabric of communities and place.

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Sustainability & Climate - Toitūtanga me te Āhuarangi

Supporting communities to connect to their environment so that it can thrive for future generations.


Carbon zero future
Working with communities to support awareness and effective responses to climate change and ensuring that everyone has access to the opportunities in a carbon zero future.

Restoration & protection
Supporting community led approaches which contribute to the protection and restoration of our natural environment.

Food sovereignty
Enabling communities to develop low cost alternative food sources to provide security to whanau and delivering lower environmental impacts.

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Our Guiding Principles - Whanonga Pono


A one size fits all approach does not work for all our communities. We understand the differences and we will aim to work with communities to develop approaches which respect and value the uniqueness of place.


We will continue to strengthen partnerships with stakeholders, agencies, and communities, working together for collective action for greater impact.

Listening, Learning, Improving

We will continue to listen to learn; gather insights; and adapt our approach so we can continue to build our knowledge and mature our approach for positive impact. We will share our learnings and insights to help others in our community.


As an agent of change we will work flexibly to champion and support our communities' needs and aspirations. Our ways of working will be responsive to the changing needs of our communities.


We will support initiatives that work to reduce inequality and remove barriers which prevent communities from reaching their potential.

Priority populations include: Māori, Pasifika, migrant, rangatahi (youth), people with a disability, rainbow and older populations.

Future Focussed

We will make sure that the Trust and our communities have the capacity, resources, and resilience to take advantage of future opportunities and adapt to challenges. We will consider how our funding and investment portfolio changes to achieve this over time to help communities prepare for the future.

Sustainable Investment Base

As kaitiaki (guardians) of the investment fund for the people of our rohe (area) a balanced approach between support provided to the community and growing and then maintaining the investment fund in perpetuity will be taken.

Our Values - Ngā Mātāpono

Respect - Manaakitanga

We will demonstrate our respect for our community by understanding the diversity of people and views.  We will show our respect and trust in the people we work alongside by being compassionate, sincere and loyal.

Integrity - Tikanga

We will demonstrate our integrity by being impartial, transparent, honest, authentic, fair and by having sound ethics.

Approachable - Whanaungatanga

We will work together with our community and build relationships through shared experiences.  We will be accessible, inclusive, friendly, available and connected. 

Proactive - Tūhonohono

We will keep an open mind and look forward to the future and support innovation so that our community can take the initiative and take advantage of opportunities.  We will recognise the intergenerational nature of the Trust. 

Connected - Kotahitanga

We will be connected to our community by keeping it at the heart of all that we do.  We are committed to collaborating and working together in partnership with our community.

Guardianship - Kaitiakitanga

We recognise our responsibility for enduring guardianship of Trust resources and will use our combined wisdom to make prudent decisions so that we can continue to support our community. We will recognise our role in supporting a sustainable community where everyone can thrive, both now and into the future.