Swimming for NZ at Tri Series

These grants support premier and elite sport, art and cultural groups to meet the costs of competing outside the region, as well as assisting with attracting and hosting premier events in our region.

Total Fund: $150,000 per annum

Applications for the main round open in December, close in March and are considered in May each year. If the Fund is not fully allocated in May, then additional applications may be considered throughout the year until the Fund is expended. 

The Fund has now been allocated for 2023 until 31 March 2024. 

Apply: The 2024 Compete Fund opens 1 December 2023 and closes 15 March 2024.

If you have any questions about this fund ring 0800 500 185 or email dianne@communitytrustsouth.nz

Can you apply?

Non-profit organisations that are a legal entity and operating in our area - Southland, Queenstown, Glenorchy, Arrowtown, Tapanui and Heriot areas can apply including;

  • An incorporated society or an incorporated charitable trust (check your registration at Societies & Trusts)
  • A company with charitable purposes that  is registered with Charities Services
  • Non profit organisations established under the Local Government Act 2002, Maori Trust Boards Act 1955 or Education Act 1989

(Registration with Charities Services doesn’t mean your organisation is a legal entity)

What we fund

Premier Teams & Groups

Assistance towards a premier team/group competing at National, Trans-Tasman or International competitions (maximum of two teams/groups per sport code or artform).

Costs considered are limited to travel, accommodation, transport (i.e.  mini van and fuel), food and competition entry fee.

Generally grants are between 15-20% of costs, with a grant cap of $6,000.

Premier Events

Assistance towards costs associated with hosting a premier South Island, National, Trans-Tasman or International event in our area

How to apply

Applications are made online and, if you haven’t applied before, you need to register by providing your name, organisation and email address as well as creating a password – it only takes a moment.

Once registered, you can log in at any time to start an application or to access it again later, so you can work on it over time.  To help you prepare you can also download the application form so you can see the questions we ask.

If you’re applying for two teams/groups these applications need to be completed on separate forms.

How we assess applications

We carry out an initial review of your application to make sure you can apply.  Our staff then review applications to help trustees to make informed decisions. We will often contact you to ask further questions about your application.

We look for the following 

Premier Teams & Groups
  • Must be identified by RSOs or non-profit organisation as its premier team/group
  • Must be competing at National, Trans-Tasman or an International competition
Premier Events
  • Whether the event is supported by the National Sporting Organisation and Regional Sports Organisation or another relevant national or other authoritative body
  • Where the event is being held i.e. it must be within our area
  • How regularly it has been held in our area
  • Level of competition i.e. must be South Island, National, Trans-Tasman or International
  • Whether the event is open to the public to attend as spectators
  • Number of participants and spectators expected
  • Likely number of visitors from outside our area
  • Likely level of economic benefit to our area

When will you hear back?

Decisions are made in May each year.

If applying outside of the annual round please allow up to 6 weeks for a decision.

The contact person in your application will receive an email letting them know the decision.


If you’re successful, the email will outline the amount approved and any funding conditions. Read our Managing Your Funding for more information.

If your application is unsuccessful the email will outline the reasons for your application being declined.