Our Collaborations

Memorandum of Understanding - ILT, ILT Foundation & Community Trust South

The Collaboration

This collaboration exists to support:

  • Knowledge sharing and exchange of information to enhance philanthropic efforts and impact
  • Co-operation and sharing of information relating in particular to significant projects within common boundaries
  • Undertaking common peer review of significant facility projects by an appropriate body
  • Joint engagement with shared stakeholders on issues of common interest
  • Co-learning through exploring an opportunity or issue
  • In areas of agreement, the Parties may explore joint programmes/initiatives

in 2019 the Invercargill Licensing Trust (ILT), ILT Foundation and Community Trust South have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a general framework for collaboration. The aim of this MOU is to ensure goals of each are accomplished in a mutually supportive way, that philanthropic efforts are strengthened and the best outcomes are achieved for our local Southland community.


Te Rautaki o Ngā Wāhi Ora o Murihiku – Southland Spaces and Places Strategy

Te Rautaki o Ngā Wāhi Ora Murihiku  - Southland Regional Spaces and Places strategy was borne out of a willingness by Active Southland, Sport New Zealand, Invercargill City Council, Gore District Council, Southland District Council, ILT (Invercargill Licensing Trust), ILT Foundation, Community Trust South and the Mataura Licensing Trust to work together to create and implement a more aligned approach to the regional planning of spaces and places, relating to play, active recreation and sport, across Southland.

Community Trust South, as a community funder, is a key collaborator in the Southland Regional Spaces and Places Strategy. Being part of the Strategy ensures that future funding in facilities is invested wisely and priority projects are identified that will make the most long-term and beneficial impact.

A key focus is to build relationships which allow us all to work together to create facilities and networks that are sustainable for the community both now and in the future.

XMA 3082

The Strategy

Initially launched in 2021 Te Rautaki o Ngā Wāhi Ora Murihiku  -  Southland Spaces and Places Strategy was reviewed and updated in 2023 in consultation with representatives from Southland play, active recreation and sport organisations and community members as well as through Māori voice hui.  Along with considering the changing needs of the participant, the updated Strategy considers environments that support active recreation, play and sport, seeks to explore mana enhancing relationships with mana whenua, and considers the role the Strategy can play in advocating for better environmental outcomes.

The strategy provides a range of insights that will help guide the future decision-making for investment and regional planning for play, active recreation and sport spaces and places facilities across the Murikihu Southland region.

Focussed on the key challenges, opportunities, desired future outcomes and initial priorities for spaces and places, the Strategy provides a pathway for future facility development and opportunities for efficiencies through joint planning at a local community level - helping to improve the sustainability of facilities and maximise them for the benefit of the whole community.

There is a shared understanding that this aligned approach is vital to ensuring Southland's future investment into spaces and places provides the best value outcomes and quality experiences for the community. 

Click here to view the PDF snapshot of The Strategy

Click here to view the Southland Regional Spaces and Places brochure

If you have any questions about Southland Regional Spaces and Places please contact:

Jackie Flutey - General Manager

Tim Fletcher - Spaces and Places lead

Rangatahi Māori Fund

Te Ōhanga Tīwhera (Rangatahi Māori Fund) is a fund created and designed by rangatahi Māori from the Murihiku takiwā (area). Recognising that rangatahi have a unique perspective on their communities, understand the challenges they face and are deeply invested in creating a positive future, this fund provides rangatahi with the opportunity to support initiatives which they believe best fit their needs and aspirations. With the rangatahi supported by kaimahi (staff) from Te Rourou One Aotearoa Foundation, this fund was made possible with contributions from Te Rourou One Aotearoa Foundation, ILT Foundation, Clare Foundation and Community Trust South.

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