Meeting Dates

14 February Board Meeting (Bluff)
21 March Board Meeting
2 May Board Meeting (Tapanui)
7 June Board Meeting 
19 July Board Meeting
23 August Board Meeting
27 September Board Meeting (Mataura)
27 September Annual Public Meeting (Gore)
1 November Board Meeting
6 December Board Meeting
Board Meeting Dates - 2023


General Grants can be applied for at anytime during the year. Notification of decision is up to 6 weeks for requests $2,000 & Under and $10,000 & Under and up to 8 weeks for requests $75,000 & Under. Our ability to process and assess applications in these timeframes is dependent on the number and complexity of applications at any one time. If an application is submitted too close to a board meeting date it may be held over till the next meeting.


For more information visit Before You Apply.

If you have any questions ring 0800 500 185 or email

*Board meeting dates can be subject to change.