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Our Te Tiriti o Waitangi Commitment

Ko Te Tiriti o Waitangi te tūāpapa o ngā mahi katoa

We have a commitment to the four articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Kāwanatanga (Honourable Governance), Tino Rangatiratanga (Agency), Oritetanga (Equity and Equality) and Wairuatanga (Cultural and Religious Freedom).

Our approach will be based on our Trust values and the following:


We will work in partnership together with Iwi, hapū, whānau, and Māori communities to ensure Māori individual and collective rights are respected and protected.


We will ensure participation by Iwi and Māori by involving them on our journey, as we consider Te Tiriti o Waitangi across strategy, governance, investments, policy and granting. This will include celebrating achievements together.


We will work to actively protect Iwi and Māori individual rights, intellectual property, Māori data, Māori culture, cultural concepts, values, norms, practices and language in the grant making process.

Our Aspiration

We are committed to the principles of Te Tiriti. We will continue to build our relationship with mana whenua, ngā Papatipu Rūnaka o Murihiku and Māori. We will seek to ensure that our commitment is woven across all that we do and will be integral to our Pou. We acknowledge that this is a journey and as we build our understanding we will strengthen our way of working.

The Trust is recognised for its understanding of and commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi across the community and especially by Iwi and Māori.

 Mana motuake - Self determination

We will support mana Motuhake and tino rangatiratanga (self determination) through solutions that are by, for and with Māori for Māori. 

Mana enhancing

Cares for the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual dimensions of a person. We will recognise, respect and value Māori and mātauranga Māori (knowledge and wisdom).

Whakapapa Genealogy and cultural identity

Māori thrive when connections to their cultural ancestry and tangata whenua (local people born of the land) are strong. Māori are visible and their identity is woven into the fabric of communities and place. 

Strengthening cultural capability

We will work to ensure that our organisation and communities have cultural confidence, knowledge and acceptance.

Ngā Mātāpono - Our Values based approach


We will work together with Iwi and Māori and build trusted, mana enhancing, enduring and mutually beneficial relationships through shared experiences. We will endeavour to meet kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) wherever possible and on terms which respect and honour Iwi and Māori.


We will demonstrate our respect for Iwi and Māori by understanding their aspirations. We will strive to grow our cultural awareness and apply this in our mahi. We will form a trusted relationship with Iwi and Māori which supports reciprocal communication.


We recognise our responsibility for enduring guardianship of Trust resources and will use our combined wisdom to make prudent decisions so that we can continue to support our community. We will recognise our role in supporting a sustainable community where everyone can thrive, both now and into the future.


We will keep an open mind in our engagement with Iwi and Māori and look forward to the future and how we can provide support to Iwi and Māori to take advantage of opportunities to achieve aspirations. We recognise that the intergenerational nature of the Trust aligns with the intergenerational nature of Iwi and Māori communities.


We will ensure we are tika by being impartial, transparent, honest, authentic, fair and having sound ethics. We will operate in a manner that values and respects kawa (protocols) and tikanga (customs) when engaging with Iwi and Māori individuals and communities.


We will be connected to Iwi and Māori communities, looking, listening and observing to understand their aspirations. We are committed to collaborating and working together in partnership with the Iwi and Māori community.