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Find Other Funding

Local funders

There are a range of other local funding opportunities in the south. But before applying make sure you check out their priorities and the types of organisations and projects they fund as they may be different to ours.

Invercargill Licensing Trust

ILT Foundation

Mataura Licensing Trust

Clutha Licensing Trust

Central Lakes Trust

Southern Trust 

Department of Internal Affairs

Perpetual Guardian  

Community Trusts

We are one of 12 Community Trusts throughout the country and for information about funding opportunities available through other community trusts visit one of the following:

South Island

We provide funding throughout the south covering Southland, Queenstown, Glenorchy, Arrowtown, Tapanui and Heriot areas.

We can only consider applications from organisations or for projects outside of this area if there is a very clear and demonstrated benefit for our people and our communities.

Useful Resources

Chairing the Board - Video Toolkit

Centre for Social Impact has created a new series of four videos that aims to help those who are new to the Chair role and to prepare people who may aspire to take on the position. 

These videos are part of the National Action Plan for Community Governance, created by a group of organisations and community leaders to create resources to support people in board roles in community organisations. The Action Plan has six key outcome areas, one of which is that ‘All Boards are well chaired’.

There is currently little support available to Chairs for the technical knowledge and skill development needed to be an effective Chair. The Plan addresses this initially with free on-line training sessions that will be available to new and aspiring Chairs.

The content for these videos was created with the input of more than 30 experienced board chairs, based on their experiences about what they wished they knew when they got their first chair role. 

The Chairing the Board video toolkit  was launched via Zoom event on 14 April with a line-up of expert speakers and a panel discussion for new and aspiring Chairs of community organisations.







The videos can be accessed here:

  1. Back to Basics 
    This first video is about getting back to basics.  They key things you need to know to get started as Chair – what the role is all about and how to chair a great meeting. 
  2. Board Dynamics
    This second video is about the dynamics around the board table and your role as Chair about ensuring the board gets on and gets working.
  3. Getting Strategic
    This third video is all about your role in helping your board be strategic and develop a great strategy.
  4. Focus on Process
    This fourth and final video is all about your role leading risk, compliance and other good board processes.

Developing Data Capability in Your Not-for-Profit

Smarty Grants created Developing Data Capability in Your Not-for-Profit to help guide you through the six types of data that not-for-profit organisations most often work with — such as fundraising data and program data — and what you can actually do with that data.

It’s a framework intended to be used as a preliminary resource to help get your organisation thinking about data before embarking on data projects.

Governance information for new officers

Courtesy of Charities Services this resource is great for new officers of a charity and helps with understanding your various responsibilities.

Governance information for new officers

Need help with completing your performance report and annual return?

Courtesy of Charities Services this very useful resource is aimed at helping Tier 4 charities to complete their performance reports and annual returns.

How to complete your performance report and annual return


Asset Maintenance & Management Plans

If you are applying to us for a grant over $75,000 towards a project that involves capital works, the purchase of a building, structure or land, as part of the application we’ll ask you to include an Asset Management and Maintenance Plan.

About Asset Maintenance and Management Plans

Asset Maintenance and Management Plan Template

Keeping our children and young people safe

We are committed to the safety and protection of children and young people and our commitment means we will:

  • Help to raise awareness of this issue amongst the organisations that we support
  • Encourage all organisations to have appropriate policy and practices in place

We work closely with Child Matters (New Zealand's specialist provider of child protection related training and professional development) and plan to support a range of activities so people and organisations in our area are equipped to protect children and young people and are able to provide environments that are safe.

Resources, Guides & Other Support information


Vulnerable Children Act 2014

This Act helps to protect young people and makes sure services and funded providers have child protection policies and processes.

DVFREE™ Family Violence Prevention HR Policy Sample is a draft of a family violence policy for the workplace.

Child Matters

Is a charitable trust that works throughout New Zealand, educating, supporting and inspiring adults to protect children. They have a range of resources and other useful information on their website.

  • Safe Sport for Children - provides information on how sports organisations can reduce the risk of harm to participating children
  • Good Practice Principles - outlines 10 principles for delivering sport and recreation for children and young people

Outcomes and Evaluation

Setting your outcomes is a great user friendly 4 page resource which explains what outcomes are and how to write them.

The following websites contain useful information, resources and tools to help with understanding your impact and how you can develop and measure your outcomes.  

What Works

The What Works website aims to help community groups to show the value of their work by helping people gather robust data and information to tell a real story about what they are doing and the difference it makes. If you need to reflect on your work, demonstrate effectiveness and keep improving your practice, then What Works is for you.

Evaluation Support Scotland

Their website offers a range of useful evaluation tools including how to set your project's outcomes or how to develop a logic model.


Result Based Accountability (RBA)

RBA offers a practical way in which organisations can evaluate the results of their programmes. A number of government agencies are also preferring that the service providers they are contracting with use RBA as it tracks impact at both ‘performance' (how well something was delivered) and ‘population' levels (the ‘real world' effects).

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