A Request for Information on Future Major Projects


At the Trust we love to know what’s happening in our community. It keeps us up to date with community needs and upcoming projects in our region.  If your organisation is considering or planning a major future capital project and would be requesting funding of over $75,000, we’d love to hear from you.


Heads-Up is a request for information that can be completed online. If you have already registered please log on and complete the Heads-Up Form. If you haven’t applied for Community Trust South funding before you’ll need to register by providing your name, organisation and email address as well as creating a password – it only takes a moment and can be done here.

Once we know a little bit more about your potential project we’ll keep you up to date with Community Trust South funding opportunities that may be suitable, or of interest to your organisation.

Please note registering your information through Heads-Up is not an application for funding.  

If you have any questions about Heads-Up ring 0800 500 185 or email jackie@communitytrustsouth.nz





  • Does having your project on this list mean you will be funded?

No, this is an information gathering process only to help the Trust with long term planning. There is no commitment or guarantee of funding from Community Trust South either now or in the future.  However, what being on the list does do is enable the Trust to undertaker longer term planning for potential pressure on our funding.


  • What projects should be on the list?

Major capital projects from throughout the Trust’s region where the request for funding would be over $75,000.


  • What is the criteria?

There are no set criteria as this is an information gathering process only, however it is assumed that these will be particularly large or major projects in nature.


  • What are the benefits of being on the list?

Submitters will be kept updated on Trust funding opportunities i.e. upcoming Major Grants rounds.


  • When would Heads-Up projects be able to apply for Trust Funding?

This would depend on the Trust’s annual grants budget and whether Major Grant rounds were being held in any given year. You can apply at any time for up to $75,000 under our General Grants.