Eastern Southland Gallery: Jim Geddes

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Jim Geddes is a man of great mana and vision. We have been privileged to partner with Jim on numerous projects in Eastern Southland providing over $1 million in funding.

“They’re [Community Trust South] part of the family really.  We have worked with them since the beginning so we feel that they know about everything we do, and sometimes have a hand in it.  It’s not always about grant money; it’s more often getting advice, moral support and having someone you can bounce ideas off.

We can dream big. We operate in a very hand-to-mouth way, but we don’t let resource limitations influence our thinking or our aspirations. Having the Community Trust as a cornerstone funder has guaranteed us some pretty amazing buy-in from the wider community. Sometimes it takes a decade or so to achieve certain goals, but that’s okay.”

Jim Geddes