Create An Arts Fund for Individuals: Jenny Mitchell

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Jenny Mitchell is an award-winning Southland singer/songwriter. She is the inaugural recipient of our Create fund.  Create – An Arts Fund For Individuals provides opportunities that will help individuals grow creatively.  Jenny also received an Art Scholarship towards attending the Academy of Country Music in Tamworth, Australia in 2015.  

“It’s meant I could attend the Academy of Country Music in Australia. I met people who would become my closest friends. The Academy has had huge follow-on effects on the past four years of my life – I’ve just recorded an album with the producer that I met there, and will be heading back to Tamworth to play music with the friends and musicians that I met.  It was also the first time I’d ever spent time with people like me - as a young, small-town girl this opened my mind to a whole new world of community in the music business."

Jenny Mitchell

Singer/Songwriter and Create Recipient