ILT Stadium Southland: Michael Hogan - Shearing Sports NZ

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The grant of over $4 million to Stadium Southland was one of the largest grants we ever made. More than just a facility, Stadium Southland is the sporting, cultural and entertainment hub of our community.  With more than 12,000 people using the Stadium each week and up to 80 events held there each year, it is a world class venue that every Southlander can be proud of.

“It (World Shearing Champs) was unique and it still is unique, turning a $42m stadium into a woolshed for five days and having 4,500 sheep run through it being shorn … and having 12 truck and trailers unload the sheep to start with - it was a huge logistical event.  The Stadium got the idea how this event could be run and how to turn it into something special, and it did.”

Michael Hogan

Committee Member - Shearing Sports NZ