Miharo : Pauline Smith

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Miharo (previously Murihiku Maori and Pasifika Cultural Trust) lives and breathes their vision to uplift and celebrate Maori and Pasifika cultures and provide opportunities for rangatahi and their whanau.  They are best known for Polyfest which attracts over 7,000 performers and 30,000 spectators each year. Into its 9th year, the impact of the Polyfest will be far reaching for years to come, enabling a deeper understanding and respect for all cultures within the community.  

From the very early years we have been impressed by their vision, commitment and dedication and to date has provided over $400,000 in funding.

“Kids love being on stage and showing their parents and whanau what they can do, and making their teachers proud. But it’s more than that – it’s part of being in a group. You know, when you sing as a group and you’ve got one voice and you all know the words and you’re from the same song sheet and it gives you that sense of belonging and identity and that sense of whanau. Community Trust have walked with us all the way … I think they probably believed in us before we believed in ourselves.”

Pauline Smith

Trust Founding Member and Coordinator