Invest South: Investment Highlights



100% owned by Community Trust South, Invest South
is a trusted, independent, and local investor with a 20+
year record as a strong catalyst in our region’s economic

Invest South focuses on making investments in
businesses with their hearts in the Community Trust
South region. The fund uses its established networks,
collective experience, and hands on management
support to assist local businesses with long term growth
strategies seeking capital and expertise for growth.

This is achieved through a collaborative approach with
management teams to ultimately increase and realise
the value of those businesses.
Invest South has a reputation built on genuine
partnerships, positive collaborations, and successful
support of businesses seeking both capital and expertise
for growth.

With investments in businesses in diverse sectors across
the region and further afield, all returns from the fund
are invested back into the community.


Fiordland Lobster Company is dedicated to the
sustainable fishing and live export of wild-caught
southern rock lobster.

In 1989, 15 Fiordland fishers created the Fiordland
Lobster Company and began exporting their lobsters live
for the first time.

Invest South has been an investor in the company since
2009 and has supported its growth aspirations with
capital and access to its networks, as it has expanded
beyond its New Zealand origins.

As New Zealand’s largest lobster exporter, the company’s
head office is still proudly based in Te Anau, with lobster
receiving depots and export packing factories located
throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Invest South is a strong and active supporter of
the company’s vision to be the most innovative and
progressive lobster company on the planet.

Bryan Henderson, Chair:
“Invest South has been a cornerstone shareholder for
over ten years. Its contribution goes beyond the capital
investment that it has in the company. Invest South
brings additional value through its investment networks
and by engaging with the Board and the company in
a constructive and informed way. The Board and the
company value the partnership with Invest South.”


EnPot is a patented technology that fundamentally
changes the way aluminium smelters use energy to
produce aluminium.

For the last 130 years smelters have been unable to
modulate their energy consumption for fear of disrupting
the critical heat balance required. With EnPot, smelters
can use 30% more or less electricity, providing huge
operational advantages and enabling them to run off
renewable generation.

The technology reinvents smelters into ‘virtual batteries’,
supporting the world’s electricity grids to adopt variable
renewable energy faster by providing a reliable supply
of back-up electricity. Smelters equipped with EnPot
technology allow the aluminium industry to become a
critical player in the drive to decarbonise our global
energy system, as we transition through to 100%
renewable generation.

EnPot Limited is majority-owned by Yunca Holdings
Limited, a leading manufacturing and engineering
company based in Southland, New Zealand. Invest
South joined Yunca and Auckland UniServices (the
commercialisation arm of Auckland University) as a
shareholder in 2019 and is actively involved in supporting
the business as it moves towards commercial adoption of
this exciting technology across the globe.

Karyna Young, Chair and CEO:
“When the EnPot team opted for an investment partner
to help drive our next stage of growth, we immediately
looked to Invest South. Whilst the funding element is of
course important, their unique selling point was their
experienced, well networked and commercially astute
team that we knew would add immediate value to our
company. And they have delivered. Commercialisation
of EnPot has been fast-tracked under their watch – no
mean feat during a global pandemic. In our experience,
Invest South has been an exceptional investor offering
extremely good support at all levels of our operation.”

TRIMET Aluminium Smelter, Hamburg, Germany