Murihiku Health Scholarship: Dr Kiri Diack

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We have funded over $1 million to the Murihiku Health Scholarship programme endeavouring to fill gaps in the health workforce by providing scholarships for health-related study and bonding recipients to return to the area. 

Dr Kiri Diack is a young doctor from Invercargill who is living – and loving it – in Southland.  She has a particular interest in health outcomes for Maori and Pacific Island people.

“The satisfying part about this job is that I’m actually giving back to the people that supported me on my way through so it’s kind of that paying it forward almost. This is the tangata whenua, I love contributing to the people of Invercargill and Southland … I love being home. It’s a really nice place to work and the people are just really great to serve and help out. “

Dr Kiri Diack

Murihiku Health Scholarship Recipient