Southland disAbility Enterprises: Damien Johnson

Damien SDE 7 resized

We have had the privilege of walking alongside Southland disAbility Enterprises as it has grown from a small operation to the multi-million dollar recycling centre it is today, with grants totaling more than $0.5 million.  Southland disAability Enterprises makes an amazing contribution to the Southland community enriching the lives of people with disabilities.

“An apple. Ham sandwich … The bus picks me up in front of my house and then he goes round and picks everybody else up and then he comes here. Go to the lockers and get our stuff and everybody meets for the roll. High vis, gloves, earmuffs and safety glasses. Being with my friends … just talk to everybody. We don’t want plastic bags in the ocean … everyone should wash out their milk bottles.”

Damien Johnson