Southern REAP: Jasmine Hepi

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Lives have been changed and students have hope and a plan for their future. Community Trust South has funded the NCEA4U programme through Southern REAP since 2011.  The programme provides opportunities for young mothers to study while their children are cared for.

"So I said, “Right, I’m going to try it and see if I like it.” And it turns out I really love the structure and the study and the researching side of things so I handled it breezy. And then the fact that they had crèche for my daughter was another definite.

I had no excuse.

It made me think more about the future about what I actually want to do.

I think that’s such a natural thing, you just put all of yourself on hold and you just focus on their needs and their wants and then it sort of you just stop questioning what you want. And then with having the crèche programme, my daughter needed some form of socialising because she was too young for kindergarten so I was like, “Great, this works good for her so she’ll get to mingle with other children”. She just blossomed and then I was happy and I could study without having to be at my home. I mean I could study at home but it’s so much harder to do when you know there’s washing to be done.

I’m just absolutely on cloud nine."

Student and Mum