The Loss and Grief Centre: Caroline Loo

Caroline Loo

The Loss and Grief Centre aligns with the Trust’s focus on
supporting the wellbeing of people in our region through
prevention and early intervention services, supporting
the vulnerable and supporting appropriate access to
services for rural communities.

The Centre supports people living with loss and grief of
any sort - including grief from bereavement, separation,
illness, isolation and other life changes.

“Last year we applied for funding because I had a
passion to extend the service into the rural community.
We are now in Gore, Mataura, Te Anau and Winton. It’s a
drop-in service but we’re also visiting people in all these
communities on a one-on-one basis. It really empowers
me to keep saying (to Community Trust South) ‘what are
you seeing? – we’re seeing this, how do you think we can
work together?, because at the end of the day this is
about meeting the needs of our community.”

Caroline Loo